First of all, let’s take a look at IP/Network camera definition. IP camera (Internet Protocol Camera) is useful in local and distributed surveillance camera systems and can transmit/receive megapixel video packet information via the Internet and local computer network. This helps the operator to manage, view and control this IP Camera Device using a standard web browser or professional video management software (like VMS) from different monitoring posts. In recent work we used NVR (Network video recorder) to manage the IP/Network Camera with the help of internet protocol (IP) and also host multiple IP cameras in single Device called NVR.

IP camera also called as Network Camera, it has the following components:-

  1. Lens.
  2. Image sensor, which helps camera to generate the high quality images and transmit to the NVR.
  3. Processor, providing video processing, compression, video analysis, Alarm input and output, video measuring etc.
  4. Also Memoryfor storing special software.

IP Camera can be configured to transmit multiples video streams, to send video for viewing in different modes and to set up camera responding upon receiving alarm signals or motion detection.

Advantages of IP Camera

  • High Quality Video Resolution and Image Details which is much higher and clear than a normal Analog CCTV Camera
  • A standard video resolution of analog CCTV camera is 380TVL can generate images with @480×380 pixel resolution which is equal to 182,400 pixels that is roughly 1/5 of a IP Camera video resolution.
  • A high video resolution analog CCTV camera is 520TVL can generate images with @480×520 pixel resolution that is equal to 249,600 pixel of around 1/3 of a IP Camera high video resolution.
  • Progressive Scan, There is no Interface Distortion of Moving Objects in IP Camera rather Analog CCTV camera has distortion of moving objects.

In Old video recorder there is more difficulties come to record the fast moving objects rather Modern Network Video Recorder (NVR) has a feature of Progressive Scan technology that allows the IP camera to capture the fast moving objects easily and produce crisp images.

Easy Installation and Reduced Costs

If your area have better network connection around the premises, so it’s easy to install IP Security Camera. Due to POE switch support, it can be powered by single device called POE switch which can work both transmit and receive video streams through single cable i.e. it reduces installation time and cost of IP CCTV camera as well as it control the cost of cabling, power supply, connector. There are audio recording feature is also present in IP Camera which helps to provide two way communication between the operator and the application.      


As you know about reading this blog, you know about IP Camera has certain number of advantages like easy installation, high quality video stream, less costing for installation, less wires used for installation etc. However with modern day IP Camera also has some disadvantages like high quality bandwidth demands and also high complexity.


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