Top 5 reasons you need IP Security Cameras

We’re coming at you to explain with our top 5 reasons for IP Camera. Here are top 5 reasons to go IP Security camera.

Number one single cable solution. Some high-powered IP PTZ’s will require POE and plus but all IP cameras are capable of moving data and power over a single cat five or six cable. This is referred to as Power over Ethernet or POE switch. This can make installation of new cameras much simpler as there doesn’t have to be multiple cables runs for each camera in the system this allows for many systems particularly smaller systems to be virtually plug-and-play. When used with an NVR with on board POE.

Number two IP cameras can work with existing DVR systems most modern DVRs are hybrids and will be able to handle IP cameras added to an existing system. This makes it so you can take advantage of some of the great network features of IP without having to upend an entire coax DVR system and convert to envy are referring to reason number one. Adding a single IP camera to an existing system can be a simpler to install.

 Number three IP cameras can be accessed and controlled individually via the network. This type of feature can only be seen in IP CCTV Camera. On NVR recorder this specific features may not see and IP camera allows you control on dynamic level that just not possible with analog cameras.

Number four IP camera is enabled by data encryption means this camera is not easily accessible to anyone or cannot hijacked as easily as analog CCTV camera. This reason offers an additional layer of privacy and protection of you data.

Our last reason number five better AI and analytics features though many DVRs are capable of on board AI features. only IP cameras that our AI or analytics capable can perform that AI processing on the camera itself what this means is that without the recorder doing the AI work on its own you’ll be able to use more AI features and more complex ones in tandems. Such as facial capture and facial recognition.

This is our top five reasons you should go eye again. For more info about CCTV Camera installation services visit Soni Telecom.


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