Top 5 Benefits of Megapixel Security Cameras

The word pixel means the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a coloured dot), and the greater the number of pixels per inch, the greater is the resolution. Simply; put the one million beside “pixel” and you will have a Megapixel, the more megapixels you have in your camera, the clearer image you would have.

Megapixel camera is a recent technology, which has gained popularity in a short period of time due to the tremendous and the distinguished features that it offers, and the difference from the traditional CCTV camera. This type of Security camera serves variety of place, such as: Shopping Mall, Movie Theaters,  airports, casinos and passport controls, which are considered to be the perfect solution to achieve image usability.

Check these benefits of Megapixel Cameras and then you can decide whether it deserves your money or not:

1. Every detail matters:

Megapixel cameras have at least three times better resolution than the traditional analog CCTV cameras. Higher resolution means clearer images and more details, which offer more possibilities for identification.

2. More covered area with the same number of cameras:

Megapixel Camera can cover larger scenes than traditional CCTV network cameras at a given number of pixels per area with no loss of image resolution, thus; it is considered to be so useful, the thing that enables you to go beyond the frame rate limitation and to experience an extreme image details.

3. Ability of cropping;

Having many megapixels gives you more freedom when cropping images. More pixels mean you will be able to crop an image and still maintain a good resolution. This could be useful when you increase your lens zoom and your subject still does not fill the frame.

4. The ability to resize;

By using the proper resizing method, you can reduce the size of your image and also help sharpen it too. Having a lot of extra megapixels will allow you to take an advantage of this special form of sharpening, and meanwhile keep a very high resolution for your desired print size.

5. Less expensive:

Yes, Megapixel network cameras can be less expensive than CCTV network cameras. The initial cost of a high-quality megapixel network camera may be greater than a CCTV camera; however, in a large majority of applications, the total cost of installing a system, using megapixel network cameras, is substantially lower, sometimes as much as 50% lower. Megapixel may be more expensive than CCTV in some cases but the only reason to consider swapping one-for-one is because the CCTV camera cannot deliver the image quality you need.

There is no single type of Security camera that is appropriate for all applications. You have to analyse the objectives of your video surveillance installation in order to define the right requirements. The right solution is to combine megapixel network cameras with a selection of standard resolution network cameras that are optimized for other needs. By making a balance between the different types of network cameras; an effective IP-Surveillance solution can be designed which can also be reliable, cost-efficient and fulfils the desired image usability.

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