Keyphone vs PBX Business Phone System

Every business needs a phone system to operate effectively. There are different advantages and disadvantages of Keyphone or PABX business phone system. Here some terms is used to explain the difference between them.


The keyphone system is one of the oldest phone systems that has been used by many companies especially when they’re starting up. As the name suggests, these phones use Key System Units that have buttons that users press to make calls. The buttons usually differ with each one representing a different line.

Private Branch Exchange or PBX phones on the other hand networks all the phones within a company and connects them to a Public Switched Telephone Network. The phone system also allows the connection of other devices such as fax machines and modems. However, given the way the connection is shared, it doesn’t provide a lot of privacy.


Since the keyphone system can be used with the phone wiring you’re currently using which means you’ll only spend money on the handsets. This makes the system cost-effective. The fact that all extern wires are connected to one device also makes maintaining these phones easier and cheaper. As a result, the buying cost and maintenance cost makes them more affordable.

Although the fact that lines are shared in the PBX phone system may seem like it helps with cost-effectiveness, these phones tend to be more costly than the keyphones. You can either host the system yourself or outsource the hosting services but whether way, you’ll still pay more than you would with a keyphone system. Outsourced hosting is a bit cheaper than in-house hosting.


Keyphone systems don’t leave as much room for customization as PBX phones do. They still have all the features such as intercoms, hold buttons, speakerphones, and memory dialing among others. These still make them great for smaller businesses.

The flexibility that PBX offers cannot be compared to keyphone systems. the features of this phone system are ideal for small businesses but they can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of larger businesses. You can easily configure the phone system to fit in with the current size of your company.

The company choice

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