Today we have more exposure to modern technology. Cell phone applications are extending beyond simple telecommunications and are now being integrated with various other systems. Take home alarms, for example. Previously, a home alarm had to be manually armed or disarmed by home owners in person at their property. But now it is possible to do the same process with our smartphone devices. If this all sound good then here is some info about Smartphone application for home alarm systems.

Remote Arming and Disarming

How many times have to go out your home and is my door lock or not? To remember all that is not possible Instead of worrying about it all day at work, you can simply check your smartphone to see if your system is armed. If you forgot to lock your door, you can simply check it through remotely on your phone. When the children back home simply deactivate the alarm system. This means that you can limit the number of people who know the arming and disarming codes, thereby making your home more secure.

Remote Monitoring from Your Smartphone

If you have video cameras as part of your home security system, you can view live video sent to your smartphone so you can monitor what is happening at your home when you are not there. If you see anyone accessing your premises that shouldn’t be there, you can alert the local police authority. You can also check what time the kids get home from school and if they are really doing their homework when they say they are.

With the CCTV camera system you can also monitor housemaids, Maintenance worker or Babysitter. When you are out the home for any purpose you can simply check on the smartphone that a babysitter is watching the kids, all is well at home. As well, you can make sure that pets are not getting out of hand, chewing items they shouldn’t be or making a mess on the floor when you’re not around. Additionally, you can set your CCTV camera system to record motion-triggered clip and receive them directly on your smartphone.

Linking to Motion Sensors in Your Home

Motion sensors form an important part of any home protection and alarm system. These systems are usually fitted to the main entry door or windows. If any disturbance on sensors on the main door or window opening and closing can immediately send an alert to your smartphone. If it turns out that you have unwelcome guests, you can immediately notify local authorities.

Another useful application of the motion sensors is to alert you to any possible home disasters. Sensor also fitted to the floor level to provide the early warnings of flooding or pipe leaks in your home. Perhaps you accidentally left a faucet on before you went out or maybe your pipes burst. Having an early warning of problems makes you relief that this damage would be worst if alarm sensor is not fitted.

 Access to a Detailed Report History

With the alarm system linked to your smartphone, you can have access to an event history that includes all arming, disarming, sensor activations and alerts you have received. It is very simple system to play back the video clip and look a history point of home security system. The feature is very valuable in the event that you ever have to complete a police report since you’ll have all the details of when and how your home was accessed. Such information will help you to tracking down the intruders.

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