How to improve home security from low tech perspective

We have grown accustomed in this day and age to the only acceptable solution being the high tech one, which is of course understandable given the benefits of all the technological advances that have been made in the last decade. But sometimes in our rush to embrace the latest development we often overlook the simple and obvious benefits that are available at no cost and very little effort to us. This phenomenon applies nowhere more evidently than in our attitude to our home security – sophisticated alarm systems in place and easy access available through a ground floor window left open, not as unusual as you might think.

This is not an attack on the wonderful world of high tech developments being made on a daily basis and applied to our daily lives, rather it is a wakeup call to assess the simple things in advance of engaging with the more complex and efficient technology now widely available.

Some of the advice that follows may at first glance appear slightly patronizing given the obvious nature of what is being counselled, that’s not the intention, so bear with us and perhaps you’ll be persuaded to adhere to the principle of keeping it simple.

Statistics tell us that a very significant percentage of break ins occur when an opportunity presents itself to a willing burglar, if you accept this and wish to curtail opportunities for such visits to your home then read on. The idea that people would leave windows and doors unlocked seems somehow farfetched, and it is true that in most cases intrusion occurred after the entry point to the home was forced, but, and it’s a big but, if the locks on your windows and doors are so poor that they can be pushed in with little effort, then they may as well be left open. Get the best and strongest locks and bolts you can afford fitted to all entry points, there are national standards that apply to all such materials, so inform you in advance of any spend. Once you have purchased the materials, ensure that you use the correctly trained fitters to install the locks – a great lock inaccurately used is not a great lock. Take advice wherever you can in relation to how best secure your entry points, and use that advice to help you shop smart.

Visibility is not something that your standard house intruder is looking for when he makes an uninvited call to your home, so take a look at how you can put the spotlight on him or her when they wish to trespass. Even in well built up urban areas a house breaker can be afford great time and privacy to get on with it, if your house is in total darkness. Shop around for the best sensor lighting you can afford and again make sure you use it to best advantage. The sight of a cctv camera or any security camera can and usually does deter all but the most determined and professional of intruders, so consider this when assessing your needs. You can purchase security camera at very little cost online and have them installed by any qualified electrician – who knows you might even wind up with a snap shot of your least favourite visitor.

Finally don’t leave your keys lying around, and ensure that you use the locks and bolts which you have installed properly, otherwise that opportunist who reckons there are things to be had by breaking into your house might just pay you a visit.

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