How is Infrared Beams sensor Used in Security Systems?

Today we have a really exciting brand new product to show you designed to help create accurate alerts and reduce or even eliminate false alerts. Introducing our brand new infrared beams we carry multiple iterations of these products designed to work with two three or four lens setups for additional range and additional accuracy. They also don’t require much power to run and only need 100 milliamps of 12 to 24 volt dc power in order to be turned on also the operation behind them is fairly simple.

Let’s take a look firstly know that every single one of the units comes standard with a protective covering to keep the elements out. once they’re mounted outdoors the operation behind them is fairly simple you can see that there’s two lenses on these particular units and the way that they work is they are positioned to be in a straight line so that the beams are constantly contacting each other once the beam is broken the receiver device will send out an alarm signal to your recorder your cameras or any other devices that can accept alarm inputs and will react based on the settings you have in that device. You simply power the units and connect your CCTV cameras to the appropriate ports we recommend using normally closed. We now have an amazing new technology to dramatically reduce or even eliminate false alerts. These infrared beams can be used to trigger cameras to record and your NVR or DVR to send notifications when the beams are physically broken compared to digital trip wires.

these are a lot more effective with have a couple of the four lens units set up outside mounted and ready to go connected to a PTZ camera and we’re going to show you that these units can trigger the camera to record and even activate its PTZ functions. We got those Infrared Beams which is placed at the main door but if someone standing at end of camera field view and disrupt the IR rays cause the footage to be recorded. In this situation normal analog camera won’t help but PTZ Camera can be trigger the PTZ zoom preset on the recorder. You can see it zoomed in really far field view about 100 meters apart and they work great and catch every motion.

For more information on this product or any other of our false alert reduction solutions visit our website Soni Telecom.


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