CCTV stands for closed circuit television whereby video feeds are sent to private monitors and are usually automatically recorded for surveillance. The duration of how long your recordings are saved for will depend on the type of CCTV you install, with most being saved for 30 days. Strategic camera placement is essential in order to gain the most advantageous views for securing your property. Most CCTV owners install a combination of visible and hidden cameras to act as a visual crime deterrent but also to capture footage of wrongdoers. CCTV technology has advanced significantly with access to high resolution colour footage with additional features allowing zooming and movement tracking.

Acting as a strong deterrence against unwanted intruders and attention, it’s quite evident that installing CCTV on your premises would mean increased security. After all, intruders are more likely to break into a place without security measures in place compared to a property with clearly visible operational security systems intact.

But what are major benefits people looking for installation of CCTV camera at home? There are more advantages to installing CCTV beyond acting as a visual crime deterrent. Here are the top 3 additional benefits of installing CCTV in your home which are sure to convince you.

  1. Insurance deductions

When you looking for insurance policy, you will relieved to know that current security level of your landmark has greater amount of insurance you have to pay. By having CCTV Camera installation in your home will reduces the burglary, theif, vandalism and security breaches; you also have additional security measure which is lesser in cost than insurance policy of property. Never ending cycle of insurance policy will be over by installation of CCTV Camera systems in your home.

     2. Increase your property value

Another benefit of installation of CCTV Camera systems is to increase of you property value. With an overall increase in crime rates nationwide, home buyers are always on the lookout to buying properties that come with a sense of security and having CCTV in your home will satisfy their need to feel safe.

    3. Monitor your home on the go

Thanks to the modern technology, Now days CCTV Camera allows us to view camera footage online in anywhere in world and also talk to the person through CCTV Camera setup in our homes. You no longer have to be bound to the premises of your home to be able to tap into a live video feed of the CCTV cameras installed. This ability adds to the level of convenience and security of being able to keep an eye on your property at all times no matter where do you live in the world ( as long as you have internet access on you system)

CCTV installation is becoming increasingly more and more popular as the years go by thanks to it being the most cost-effective security system to protect your property (both home and business). You’ll be hard pressed to find any negative comments about installing CCTV in your home given the significant advantages (and low maintenance) it comes with.

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